About us

About us


Playful traveling couple, explorers,adventurers and dreamers.
Curious about life, new cultures and ways of living.
Easy going, creative, funny, dedicated and, seriously speaking, Paulina can be a real drama queen and Pedro a big pain in the ass. Well, nobody is perfect, right?


We are Paulina and Pedro a couple with two different nationalities, Polish and Portuguese currently based in Barcelona, Spain. Our story began in 2015 when we first met in Barcelona, a lovely Mediterranean city.

Summertime was blooming and the hot blazing sun was burning our shoulders as we were walking out of the shade. The ocean was calling us and our destiny couldn’t be other than the beach.

As soon as we touched the sand with our feet, Paulina started saying “ouch, ouch, ouch” and in an instant she jumped on my back. Relieved, she only let go when we landed on a safer zone. Well, what comes after…it could be a good adventure with sparkles of love in between and If we kept you engaged with our words till now, we promise you that you will not get bored.
We want to invite you on this journey, share our traveling experiences, joys, fears, thoughts and above all, our moments of yūgen.

If you have any comments or doubts about anything, feel free to contact us or just drop a line down below. Even if by any chance you happen to be on the same place at the same time, lets meet and we will tell you for sure more about our adventure when we first met.

Hope to see you soon and happy travels,
Pedro & Paulina

traveling couple


Moments of yūgen makes part of a dream which you can help to make it come true.
If you like and believe in our work, you can support us by giving a small donation.


  • mallory
    | Reply

    Looking into honeymoon destinations for April. Love a beautiful beach but also want to experience local culture…thoughs? Vietnam? Thailand? is it crazy hot/humid during this time to be comfortable wandering the towns? Appreciate your expert opinion!

    • Moments of Yugen
      | Reply

      Hi there Mallory, we are happy to help you with some hints for your honeymoon, but better if you contact us directly to our email. Thank you.

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