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We want to invite you on our journeys, share our traveling experiences, joys, fears, thoughts and above all, our moments of yūgen.

After being 7 months traveling, was time to go back to our base in Barcelona. We will gather all the content we created during our last travels, organize it and share it with you. Feel free to follow our next adventures through our journal and social networks.

Da Nang and The Marble Mountains

Da Nang and The Marble Mountains

On our way to Dan Nang, there were only two free spots on the front next to the driver, the rest was totally busy with travelers from all around the world chatting about their travel experiences.
The driver was getting sleepy and almost lost control of the minibus. If we didn’t had clapped our hands very hard probably we would crash.Read more

Hoi An – The Venice of Vietnam
From the shores of Vũng Tàu to the desert of Mũi Né