Welcome to Sunny Side by moments of yugen! An intimate home decor online store inspired by the places we’ve been visiting these past few years especially in Southeast Asia and our beloved Bali.

Sunny Side was created by a passion for boho interior decor, home accessories, and handmade pieces. Every macrame is carefully made by hand, crafted on a gorgeous branch, and knotted using a soft, natural 100% recycled cotton string. Each piece is unique and one of a kind!

Step inside and we will bring you beams of wanderlust vibes to your home. In case you still don’t know what you are looking for and need a breeze of inspiration, check our instagram account @sunnyside_by_moy.

Made with love

Macrame Wall Hanging bohemian home
Large Macrame Wall Hanging Boho
Half Circle Macrame Wall Hanging
Macrame Wall Hanging
2 Round Pcs Macrame Wall Hanging
Macrame Wall Hanging
Macrame Wall Hanging Boho Interior
2 Set Small Round Decoratic Boho Antique Mirror
Boho Pillows

Lightroom Presets

These presets will take your photography to the next level! Below you will find the exact Lightroom presets we use to edit our photos on Instagram and blog. We created our collections based on our favorite and most popular photos.

Currently we have 4 collections available to purchase and download. Asia Collection, Europe Collection and Urban Collection, each with 17 different Lightroom Presets for desktop & mobile. The newest is our Bali Collection with 10 different Lightroom Presets for desktop & mobile. An exclusive package of the most iconic & Instagrammable spots in this amazing island!

Summer Collection Lightroom Presets
Bundle Collection Lightroom Presets
Bali Collection Lightroom Presets
Europe Collection Lightroom Presets
Asia Collection Lightroom Presets
Urban Collection Lightroom Presets

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