Alcobaça – A Love Story

My connection with Alcobaça whose name is derived from the confluence of two rivers Alcoa and Baça, begun since I was born. My father’s family side is from a little village called Mogo, just a few kilometers from the city center where I spend some of my summer and Christmas holidays.Read more

The Seven Skirts of Nazaré

After exploring the North of Portugal it was time to discover the wonders of the south. I was so excited to see all the admirable beaches and high waves that Pedro told me about. The first place we passed by was Nazaré, known as a famous fishing town and a paradise for brave surfers with massive waves.Read more

The Mystical City of Porto

Whenever someone asks me if Porto is better than Lisbon, I always respond:

– I love Porto, although I identify myself more with Lisbon cause it is more colorful, vivid and bright. On the other hand, Porto possesses a mystical side unseen on any other Portuguese city which makes it unique and worthy to visit.

After all, Porto was my home for 4 years and I was very happy to return and show it to Paulina.Read more