Working remotely – Travel bloggers essentials

Working remotely – Travel bloggers essentials

Life as a digital nomad often means packing for trips with no ending date – which is our favorite part. The longest travel we did until today was eight months, and believe us, we learn what we can and cannot live without by being on the road and by working remotely .
We always travel with two cabin size luggage where we keep all our clothes & cosmetics and two backpacks for all the most important gear and electronics to support our work.

Working Remotely

Working Remotely

Here are our top travel bloggers essentials for working remotely which easily get us from one country to the next!

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1. Laptop + Charger

The most important digital nomad tool – a laptop. We both carry 1 laptop each as we have different needs. Pedro’s a video editor (MacBook Pro) and I’m a social media manager (MacBook Air). We both take lots of photos and videos and we constantly edit them for our Instagram, blog and our clients.

2. Unlocked Smart Phone + Charger

In our case, a smartphone is as important as a laptop. 80% of our work is done through this little and extremely powerful device. We both have unlocked Iphones which allows us to swipe SIM cards in every country we visit and stay connected at every single minute.

3. Wireless headphones

We both have a pair from a Swedish brand called Urbanista from their New York collection. Why did we choose them? Because they are featuring active noise cancellation which means you can wear them in the bustling streets or at the airport and enjoy your music undisturbed. They get 16 hours of noise-free, musical use on one single charge or 25 hours of wireless music and calls. If we ever run out of power, we can connect them to our devices with the complimentary cable. They also come with an easy to carry bag and the coolest thing – you can fold them so they take less space!

4. Camera

Our camera Canon 6d is like our baby haha. It has seen 25+ countries and has captured all of our travels since 2015. We love that it has built-in Wi-Fi which allows us to snap photos via phone app or send pictures to our computers.

5. VPN

VPN means Virtual Private Networks, it helps you to secure your data while you’re online and working remotely. Besides that, it has a bonus of allowing your computer to connect in a different location than you are.
For example, in our case having a VPN service was a lifesaver. When we were traveling through Sri Lanka, due to religious & political issues, the Internet was off in the entire country and access to any social networks was impossible. Only with a VPN, we were able to connect to a server from another country and continue managing our client’s social media channels.
In case you are searching for a VPN service, contact us directly and we will help you choose the one which fits better your needs.


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